Purchase and Restoration of the Greenway Gateway (formerly known as the Wheelhouse)

On December 17th, after almost 10 years of negotiation, RRF closed on the Wheelhouse Property. 

The River Revitalization Foundation, Milwaukee's urban rivers land trust, has purchased 2.8 acres of land located along the Milwaukee River on the east side of the City of Milwaukee. The project will restore blighted urban riverfront land to preserved green space, increase shoreline stabilization and floodplain protection, provide a public access linkage to adjacent Milwaukee County parks and trails, protect Butler 's Garter Snake habitat and provide multiple recreational opportunities. The Foundation received a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Stewardship grant award in the amount of $700,000 for the acquisition. An additional $400,000 easement purchase through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's Greenseams program is a partial match to the DNR grant.

The River Revitalization Foundation will retain ownership but will manage the property in a manner consistent with the park management policies of Milwaukee County . Public information meetings will be scheduled in 2010 inviting comment for site planning for the new park.

“We and our partners are excited and proud to have secured this property for Milwaukee and Wisconsin 's future,” said Foundation President Chris Jaekels. “Its strategic location and natural attributes will enable the Foundation to help improve water quality, add scenic beauty to the neighborhood, and provide recreational and educational opportunities for the community,” he added. With this acquisition, the foundation has protected 10 acres within Milwaukee 's environmental corridor.

Donations are being sought and accepted for the remaining $300,000 in acquisition costs and for additional expenses including demolition and habitat restoration. Visit www.milwaukeerrf.org  for more details.
This To find out more information please read our press release below or visit the following links to articles from the local press. If you would be interested in donating, please visit our Donation page.


Updates on the Greenway Gateway

 Demolition at the Wheelhouse has Begun!!!

 DAY 1 (11/03/2010)
Demolition of the Wheelhouse has finally started and, WOW, are we excited! Over the next 2 weeks you'll see the building and parking lots slowly disappear in order to get the space ready for transformation to a new park. Stay tuned for daily posts on our Facebook page! Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this point in the project! And if you want to help RRF complete the restoration please consider a donation to  help with seeding, plants, and trail work.

Day 2 of Demolition

DAY 2 (11/4/2010)
It's amazing how little time it takes to dismantle a building. By noon yesterday the demolition crew had almost the entire building down, and you could easily visualize the greenspace that will soon replace this paved parking lot. Parking lots come out tomorrow. Stay tuned!


DAY 3 (11/5/2010)
...Well, not quite greenspace yet. But it will be! The Wheelhouse building and parking lots are officially gone. The 2.8 acre parcel will be graded and seeded with a winter cover crop until we can get in there this spring to start restoration work. If you have a chance stop by the site and check out the new, unobstructed view of the Milwaukee River.

What's Next?
Thanks to a DNR Capacity Grant, RRF is in the process of completing site plans for the restoration of the wheelhouse into the "Greenway Gateway". In December of 2010, RRF hosted the first of three stakeholder meetings to present preliminary conceptual designs to local neighbors, businesses, and agency employees. The meeting was a great success, and we are working to incorporate the great feedback we received from the meeting.

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